Cheap Campaign from HP Esia - Nexian

Thousands of people crowded the parking lot of EX Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. They are willing to queue even though it was still raining just to get a phone worth Rp.100 thousand. The phone is produced by PT Metrotech Jaya Community-Nexian brand-holders, in cooperation with Bakrie Telecom held a special sale price. Try to imagine the phone should be sold at a price of Rp 299 thousand that can be bought at a price of Rp 99 thousand.

So no wonder that thousands of people jostled to get Nexian- esia. Considering the very many buyers, organizers moved the sale to the parking area. The committee is not expected to be overwhelmed by the number of takers.

Why be overwhelmed by the committee? Because the sale of previously planned hp should only be purchased through coupons, converted into direct sales. Unfortunately, the committee claimed the buyers did not order and cause unrest. In order to not cause a bigger problem, finally halted sales. The prospective buyer was disappointed. A prospective buyer claimed to be disappointed with the discontinuation of sales. "I was willing to wait, why stop selling it," he said. He mencurgai there was something wrong in this mobile phone sales. "I'll report, Nexian conduct a public lie," said the prospective buyers were reluctant to be named.

Termination amid sales process, it is questionable. Section Nexian have enough experience in mobile phone sales like this. Finally, as a long term cooperation with Telkomsel for Qwerty phone worth Rp 600 thousand, long queues also occur at Plaza Indonesia. No less than 3,000 mobile phones were sold that day.

There is then linked the termination of the limited sale of stock. The assumption, Nexian only provide a limited number of phones for campaign purposes. With the price of Rp 99 thousand, Nexian expected to provide subsidies at least Rp 100 thousand for each unit. More and more buyers, which means that the greater the subsidy provided. If there are 5000 buyers, for example, Nexian more than Rp 500 million.

Is there a cessation of sales for nombok Nexian not want more? Wallahualam. Through the press together with Bakrie Telecom, President Director of PT. Metrotech Jaya Community, Martono Jaya Kusuma ensure that sufficient stock.


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