Anne Hathaway, Sexy Black corseted

Anne_Hathaway_sexy Anne Hathaway usually appear graceful and elegant in every opportunity. But in a magazine cover, she displays her sexuality in a magazine cover.

She posed for GQ magazine sexy Inggris.Tak version is a beautiful dress that wrapped his body, the stars 'Bride Wars' was only wearing a sexy black corset.

With sensual expression, she raised both hands. Sexy body silhouette clearly visible. On the other poses, black-haired woman was photographed from behind, with the back open.

She also poses wearing lingerie for others. Wearing lingerie is not too sexy. Just plain bra and underwear briefs. But the sensual impression she was missing.

Do You Know?

Anne Hathaway Obsessed Physics

Learning physics or the exact sciences other formulas and figures filled often make head dizzy. But who would have thought, sexy actress from New York, Anne Hathaway (27) has a different view of one of this exact science. Unlike the other celebrities who are often late in the entertainment world, he is obsessed with studying physics.

The actress who at the beginning of 2009 and played with Kate Hudson in the movie "Bride Wars" is admitted, any spare time, he likes a protracted reading physics books. "I am very interested in the element particles. I like to think about the existence of space and time in the universe, and how we understand it, "said the woman who claimed to envy Angelina Jolie's lips this section on the British magazine GQ.

Owners full name Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is also interested in the elements at the level of atoms and subatomic particles that make up all things. "You, me, the buildings, our souls, and minds (formed from the elements)," said actress Mia Thermopolis in the movie "The Princess Diaries" is. In fact, because of her curiosity for the origins of a theory, he also studied the books of all time genius physicist, Albert Einstein. He also hoped to be friends with a scientist or anyone who can give enlightenment.

About the reasons for studying interest that requires precision and a high concentration of this, Hathaway admitted could not explain it. "I live in Los Angeles, so I was interested in energy and vibration. Maybe it's not the right reason, but I'm still trying to learn it, "said winning Best Actress in the event the National Board of Review Award, through its role in the movie" Rachel Getting Married "in 2008 and it was.

Anne Hathaway Not Like Naked
If some Hollywood actresses feel comfortable and proud to appear naked in the film, opposite Anne Hathaway. He does not like when asked to beradegan naked in a movie starring.

"I was very scared and my stomach hurt. I really did not like the scene," she said as quoted by Digitalspy, February 1, 2010.

Anne was very selective in choosing a starring role. He did not want any role and instead chose to make him feel uncomfortable when I had to go through the shoot.

Anne's career in acting began after a successful rising star in the movie 'The Princess Diaries'. At that time, he was barely 18 years old. He felt very happy when remembering those times.

Currently, she is considered as a talented actress. And one of the artist on the rise. He is also known for his work not because of his personal life.

Praise the Lord if not all artists that Hollywood dare to give everything for fame.

Anne Hathaway Select Books Than Fashion Magazines
Anne Hathaway beautiful artist secretly enjoys spending his spare time to study physics. Who would cast The Devil Wear Prada `s just so avoid these fashion magazines. He claimed to prefer to collect the books from the scientist Albert Einstein and the books of natural science to know about nature than majalh fashion.

`I'm interested in a basic thing. As I think about how much time and a place to live in the world, and how we understand it, `said Anne Hathaway was quoted as saying this First Female.

But the actress is busy as she makes time to read bikunya so little. For that he would be delighted if there are people willing to teach him about his attraction to the theory.

`I like the theory, I want to understand the common thread of these theories. I need someone to explain it to me `, she said.

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