Smart steps in the Mingling Chat Room

Chat room is a place where Internet users interact. But watch out, this virtual chat room also cause negative impacts that are highly dangerous if not skeptical.

Here are smart steps to get along in a chat room, quoted future76 from Connect Safely, Friday (19/3/2010):

  1. Always remember that whatever you pour in the chat room is always real and can not be delete once posted. That is, before you post a thing should think again whether it would be a problem to him or not.
  2. Do not publish personal information in character. Such as full name, address, phone number, or other personal data.
  3. If you want ground coffee with someone, invite a friend or relative to accompany you, and should select the more mature. Do not then carried away with the physical shape of the image that people use in chat rooms, and met in a public place.
  4. Do not publish the daily your activities. Like where are you today, and other personal activities.
  5. Use a nickname (a nickname / initials). Always remember that the Internet is famous for his anonymous.
  6. If there is someone who started strange and frightening, should immediately block and do not respond.
  7. Avoid room-room to discuss the topic of conversation about sex. This will be very dangerous, especially for children and women, because such forums often become a den of sexual predators or pedophiles.

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