Understanding Women's Sexual Fantasy

Freud once said that only people who never have the satisfaction of achieving sexual fantasy. But this thought seems to be wrong, because some research to prove otherwise. More related to sexual fantasy with someone who has a high Libido. And this applies also to women.

Women who have more sexual fantasy is also a passionate sex is greater. Satisfaction spur a desire to get. Not only men, women often fantasize sex, especially after they inflame. In fact, the women fantasize during sex inflame will have greater possibility of getting orgasme woman who does not do so.

So men do not feel too guilty fantasize about Angelina Jolie make during the party. Because it can only Angelina illusion that the current, also fantasize do with Brad Pitt.

Askmen correspondent, Dr. Victoria Zdrok, will explain more about the imagination of this woman.

What can be said that women fantasize about sex this?
Only because he fantasize about someone else does not mean he is not happy with the pair men. The reason is the same as what makes men do fantasize with the other ingredients will add to this fantasy fun and excitement to bring them to peak pleasure. When he was still happy to have sex with a pair of men , imagine to do with Brad Pitt will give him a sense of fun that will increase the potential for achieving orgasme.

What women's fantasy?

1. One person in one opportunity
In some cases different from the fantasy of women belonging to men. Men love to fantasize a lot more to do with sexual and many men like to change-change "imagination pair" them. While women prefer to remain with one person with a particular course during fantasize.

2. Fantasy is palpable, free of accurate detail
Men tend to focus on a body part and act in their fantasy. Although the fantasy woman so palpable, but they often can not provide detailed descriptions about what they fantasize . Fantasy women also unclear. Women do not imagine too many of the organs of a certain pair imagine as men. Instead, women prefer to involve their own emotional response characteristics of the pair of them hallucinate. Fantasy often describe their self-delusion about their own, such as: "I look very sexy wearing a favorite blue lingerie does not make them blink." Women also like to describe the feeling caused by their imagination, such as: "I feel happy and free."

3. The atmosphere of the exotic and romantic
The other woman's fantasy that is most related to the atmosphere of exotic and romantic, such as islands, forests, flowers, waterfalls, moonlight and heaven. Some women also said, free from interference and responsibilities (such as children or the phone) is an important aspect of their fantasy.

4. Thought passive and submissive
Women also prefer to fantasize as the party receiving the sexual stimulus, not as the man who fantasinya more active role in the sexual activity to sexual objects imagine.

Women also tend to have a fantasy as the subject. He imagine that sexual attraction can not be rejected entirely by men in fantasy. Make that man can not hold for longer achieved with the loving and sometimes a bit "hard". Encouragement of the men are strong enough to overcome a bit of action. Then the sensitivity and attention of men is shown, which makes the men want to do what memuaskannya.

5. Emotional desire
Fantasy women are more emotional, intimate and often reflect the desires of the partner's commitment and desire in the romantic atmosphere. So while men may fantasize a lot to do with women, fantasy women put more emphasis on touch, feel, response pair, the physical and emotional responses of their own, and a romantic atmosphere. The object of imagination when they may be one, but more often they have someone who has or who they want to have. So most women, including a fantasy about their own husbands.

6. Dream bisexual
Pair woman you can also fantasize about Angelina Jolie, as many women have very nature want to know and have the same fantasy with men. So if you know if you have a pair of women fantasy like this, do not be too worried if she is lesbian.

7. Rarely the exotic
Fantasy women rarely involve sexual actions that exotic. He may only fantasize about things that are light, like make the full romance with type of men pirate a very personable.

Discuss both of your imagination
Doronglah he fantasy to share with you and with him realize one of them. Discuss your fantasy will enrich both of your sexual life and may create a fantasy-a fantasy that can be realized.

And one thing more, if after making a hot sex, he whisper in your ear, "Oh, Brad, this is incredible!" Do not directly rage and jealousy with the fantasinya. Peluklah he, ciumlah eyes and whisper to replace him , "Angelinaku, I was also happy for you incredible!"

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