Foto Manohara Vs Roy Suryo

Case of alleged persecution Manohara Odelia Pinot increasingly broad. Not only her husband, Muhammad Fakhry, alleged to have primary or OC Kaligis, a former lawyer Manohara is deemed to have violated the code of ethics with the spread detail the cases happen. Roy Suryo now turn to a get.

Telecommunications experts, this one has been charged to spread the photos Manohara that are in the phone. Did not receive, through the power of law, any Manohara immediately reported Roy to the police.

"Yes, he has been doing things that are not ethical. Which should give a description of a doctor, la how Roy Suryo said a telecommunications expert. He should not be spread unless the mother and the family of Daisy Manohara the spread," said Farhat Abbas, as Manohara lawyers, the police found in Mabes.

Farhat, originally mother of Manohara - Daisy Fajarina, subject only ask whether the images belong to the original daughter or false. Daisy resort to Roy.

"But it is spread by Roy Suryo, it is unethical because it naked photos. If only he does not explain anything, but he showed the pictures to show the vulgar breast. That is the original image Manohara," specifically.

And on actions that Roy, go Farhat, heavy man with mustache is intended diganjar Act Electronic Transactions has spread because of the images should not. As a result, Roy threatened imprisonment 6 years. "She (Daisy) feel angry, nausea, and hate," tukas Farhat.

Spread Photo Payudara, Roy Suryo will be charged Manohara

Purpose heart want to give information to the general public, thus bringing the impact of bad for Roy Suryo, a specialist IT and telecommunications.

Farhat Abbas, the lawyers intend to report Manohara Roy Suryo because the image has spread breast manohara that disilet by Tengku Fahkry without Manohara.

Roy Suryo have violated the Law of Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) as tanpak rights has spread the image. If proven correct, Roy can be prosecuted six years in prison.
"Roy show a vulgar picture, showing breast, It is not necessary because the original image Manohara. Almost all the people disagree with Roy, especially the secret is, "Farhat Abbas firm.

While initially only the mother of Daisy asks whether truth Manohara original image or not, but the question is even disalah artikan Roy. He even dares to be naked photo spread in a chest.

Manohara naked photos circulating, Roy Suryo threatened prison

There are - there is only done by Roy Suryo, Roy Suryo The spread naked Photo Manohara to media. From a total of 16 images that have, only 10 images released by Roy Suryo. While all the photos private manohara is for investigation, and Roy Suryo as people who analyze the images.
Manohara and lawyers are not to stay silent. Farhan Abas as lawyers to report Manohara akan Roy Suryo action that has been spreading nude photos Manoke National Criminal detective (Bareskrim) Mabes police. Roy Suryo threatened to Information Act and Electronic Transactions (ITE) for spreading the images. Threat of punishment of six years in prison.

As in the Cite Okezone by: "How did Roy get photos private Mano?

Initially, the mother of Daisy only to ask Roy whether genuine or false image. Eh even spread. Enggak ethical nude photos distributed to the people, "

According to Roy Suryo, manohara naked images are original and taken from a BlackBerry (BB) type 8900

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