Rahma Azhari has been surrendered on the reverse of naked Photo

Actress Rahma Azhari states continue to surrender himself made when naked, is associated with circulating hot video snippets of scenes from the film that he play. All that, according to him work from people who do not like it.

"And that's only fair, because the risk that I as a public figure. Wearing clothes I can only properly be made naked. Technology is now so advanced. I can not do anything. So please, I do not continue to be made naked," he said .

Speaking before journalists at a press conference launching and film Pocong KAMAR The Planet Hollywood on Monday (25 / 4), if the decline circulating video is hot because the interests of film publications.

"If it is not possible," she said. "Nothing dimanfaatin because before this film I just ditelanjangi often, but I do not care. The people can also see how if I was not topless. I'm not there topless."

Whatever the form of a video that Rahma thought itself is being didzolimi by people. "Usually people who didzolimi doanya dijabah by God. So it's up to you what people want," he said.

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