Tips to Treat Ejakulasi Early

Ejakulasi early is a matter of frustration experienced by many men sometime in their lives. Fortunately, this is one of the most sex problems solved easily, said Dr. Klein.

Next, have the opposite problem with that, difficult ejakulasi, experienced by about 15 of 100 people. Fugacious. it seems not a big problem, but doctors think that the situation could damage a relationship and impose the self-image.

"At first, the women may be praised resistance spouses of extremes, but later he's become a matter of satisfying a man ability," said Joseph Waxberg, MD, a psychiatrist and director of the Stamford Center of Human Sexuality in Stamford, Connecticut.

If you experience this problem, namely ejakulasi (inhibited ejaculation), tell the doctor, because diseases such as diabetes, prostat, and disruption of blood vessel can be a cause.

Similarly, if you experience pain in the ejakulasi, self-check to the doctor. Ejakulasi should not cause pain and that pain can be a sign of infection or Hernia prostat.

However, for the man who is not a problem because ejakulasinya disease, control is something that is easy to learn, said Dr. Goldstein. Here's how.

Use a different shuffle. Dr. Klein recommends stop-start technique. Start by using the hand rub it dry. If you feel ejakulasi already almost up to, stop for a few seconds, until the passion you have decreased slightly. Then again excitative. Repeat this technique three times before you finally let ejakulasi occurred, said Dr. Klein. Do this every night for two weeks. Next, the stop-start technique is the same, use a lubricant on your hands. Start slowly, and then do with the full strength.

Consider using a drug therapy. When the stop-start method failed to ask the doctor whether the drugs such as Prozac can help. Drugs usually cause side effects such as tertundanya orgasme. In the research, with the Prozac, the man who ejakulasi in 30 seconds to become resistant to more than five minutes, said Dr. Crenshaw.

Prescription drugs such as kiproheptadin (Periactin), a kind antihistamin can accelerate ejakulasi in some men, said Dr. Crenshaw.

Involve your partner. When the masturbasi you can do ejakulasi but not so when your wife are together, try the following way: With the wife in the above position, you can give each other stimulus. When ejakulasi already felt close to, insert your penis into the vagina, and then
shake once or twice. "When you do this often enough, you will learn berejakulasi in vaginanya," said Dr. Vaxberg.

If that is not successful, there may be hidden anger, fear, or other psychological problems in your relationship that you have created a difficult orgasme, said Dr. Klein. Ask your partner or to the specialist sexual therapy.

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