May well, Kuburan Band intend disband

Not many bands such as the unique 'Kuburan Band'. If most bands have a new vision and mission after the famous, not the case with this band origin Bandung. If the later famous, 'the grave of Band' plan will discharge.

"Since the beginning of the stand we have not ready to commit famous. Therefore we will discharge time is well later," said guitarist grave, RAKA

However, the grave can not predict when they will discharge. However, if you will fall, make the grave akan first regeneration as their successor.

"We do not know when ya want to disperse, not to predict how long. But we will prepare to make the band a successor," said RAKA.

Band that has Udhe (keyboard), RAKA (guitar), Dino (drums), Donny (guitar), Denny (bass), and Priya (vocal) that do have the advantages of each in each personelnya.

"We really have their own influence. In between all of us can make a song," said the guitarist with the band's famous song-Lost Lost Remember that.

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