Cynthiara Alona Bugil

Model Cynthiara Alona be angry and outcast by their families because of the photographs circulating on the internet bugil. Confidential support sinetron God, Gate of God, and Ngelaba is also sad because so many unbelievable as a sex bomb.

"I am sad and not proud of the nickname is. I do not like this is that many people, "said the virgin birth of Jakarta 8 June 1985, such as queote
Alona foreverglo pursuit of sex bomb and seal it in the middle of a birthday celebration to-23 on Thursday (10 / 7) afternoon in the Garden of Glass House Menteng, Central Jakarta. Birth party is designed with the White Party Eden.

Such as whether the image Alona bugil? In the name of the internet blog Cynthiara Alona, photographs dated 20 March 2007 with the terpampang palpable. Images that impressive shooting is done in the same place and at the same time, likely in a shooting session.
Alona foto with a dark background. In some images, Alona posing with a pair of jeans wear, but the sheet does not stick to any thread in the top of the body (topless). He holds a style fare that dangle from the top.
In other photos, Alona posing naked (nude). In photographs taken with the same techniques that, Alona exhibit sintal body pose challenging.
Alona declare, himself had a certain style in front of the camera in a topless and nude in the shooting session for Playboy magazine, Singapore and Japan in 2005 and 2006. In other words, the images should be limited circulation.
Alona also suspect your photos on the internet itself be done by former manajernya. Their relationship as manager and artist to drop out because there are disputes. Alona is hit with a claim to beredarnya photos suggestion that widely.
"I am very sad, the sad, to know all my family. I'm so sad and embarrassed. I get expelled by the family, "he said with a gentle tone.
Graduate business majors economy National University of Singapore is its claim to a career as a model at the age of 21 years. In a relatively short time, face to appear on the cover in the magazine and abroad. Alona also headline some television ads.
Dara berobsesi a supermodel so that this decline tudingan photos are distributed only to push up popularity. He says, "I do not want to take a risk like that. Precisely because the images are circulating that I expelled by the family. "
To realize the ideal model-citanya as well, in the upcoming July 16 female 167 cm bertinggi this departure to Hong Kong for a shooting session of adult magazines. In addition, he is also ready to engage in the film Single Contract 2. I worry more photos misused, Alona?


Name: Cynthiara Alona
Nickname: Cinthia
Date of birth: Jakarta, 8 June 1985
High / weight: 167 cm / 45 kg
Bra: 36C
Shoes: 36
Education last: Economy Business NUS (National University of Singapore).
Occupation: Model, actress

Who: Secret of God, Gate of God, Ngelaba
Goal: Model professional
Posted: Lippo Bank (1998), Mrs Meneer Bustee Cream (2003), Mie sedap (2004), EQ diapers (2004), Soap wash cream Bu (2005).
Favorite movie stars: Krisdayanti
Favorite musicians: Krisdayanti

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