Case Prita Mulyasari & Freedom of Expression

Case chronology Prita Mulyasari

Starting on 15 August 2008, Prita post electronic mail service over dissatisfaction RS OMNI International Hospital Alam Sutera Tangerang through an email to 10 friends. E-mail is then spread to the wide variety of mailing lists.

5 September 2008, Prita diadukan by dr Hengky on duty at the hospital to Omni Sutra Polda Metro Jaya. He presumed the name of doing good to Omni International Hospital. Prita sued by a civil hospital Omni through dr dr Hengky and Grace. Simultaneously, Prita also by criminal diadukan Hengky dr and dr Grace.

22 September 2008, Prita start disidik by investigators at the Child and Adolescent Unit Women (Renakta) Polda Metro Jaya. Police lasso Prita with article 310, Criminal Code 311. Article 45 and 27 jo Act Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE). During disidik, Prita Police does not hold.

30 April 2009, in the criminal case file submitted to the Attorney General of Tangerang. Head of Child and Adolescent Unit Women (Renakta) General Criminal Direkrorat detective (Ditreskrimum) Polda Metro Jaya AKBP Agustinus Pangaribuan, before the paper is expressed P21 (full) file Prita examination was two times back and forth from the police and prosecutors.

11 May 2009, District Court (PN) won the Tangerang Hospital Omni civil suit. Prita punished the material losses of Rp 161 million instead of the clarification in the national newspapers and Rp 100 million for losses imateriil.

Date May 13 2009, Prita LP Woman arrested in alleged Jakarta due to the good name of Omni International Hospital Tangerang over the Internet.

Date 3 June 2009, finally freed from Prita LP Women's support for continued flow. Among other blogger from Indonesia, the Council of Press, facebook user, Indonesian Democratic Party Struggle, Megawati Sukarnoputri to even guarantee from Jusuf Kalla, with the switch tahanannya status of prisoners rutan become prisoners of the city.

Virtual world that activists planned to attend the inaugural session Prita
Mulyasari (32) libel case the defendant through the internet that do not appear to stem nose. Does not appear from their actions both before and according to the trial

Previously made known through the many mailing lists, blog and facebook for the call for bloggers attended the hearing Prita sympathy existed as to what the experienced by the mother of two children.

The council does not expire until the visible action of the blogger, the only visible action from the Committee of Freedom Defenders holds, the action in their environment in PN Tangerang, Jl TMP Taruna, Thursday (4/6/2009).

In aksinya they ask that Prita Mulyasari immediately released from all claims libel against the two doctors at the Omni International Hospital, Tangerang.

Prita hearing lasted about 20 minutes with the agenda was interesting indictment sympathy from the public. Crowded courtroom, the visitors milling willing to follow the way the council.

Since the morning the hunter news from various media have been waiting for the return of his wife Andri Nugroho this.

Prita Mulyasari indicted guilty violates Article 27 paragraph (3) junto Article 45 paragraph (1) of the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) with the teeth in 6 years in prison and fined Rp 1 billion. In addition Prita also apply Article 310, 311 Criminal Code on libel with the threat of punishment either 1 year 6 months.

The case started when Prita ask Omni International Hospital to provide laboratory results to what the dideritanya. The hospital does not
provide feedback.

Are not satisfied with hospital services, Prita create email on 15
August 2008 with the title 'Fraud OMNI International Hospital Alam Sutera
Tangerang 'that was sent to some friends.

Email Prita contain discontent against the hospital and physician services are poor merawatnya. In this case the doctor is called Grace and Hengki, Prita ask to be careful against these two doctors.

By RS Omni Prita act has been considered libelous both doctors and hospitals Omni. Prita akan hearing resumed on Thursday 11 June 2009 agenda with the exception.

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