Masturbasi addicted?

Many people even feel ashamed or guilty when masturbasi. But in fact, masturbasi it is reasonable.

Masturbasi is an important part of the sexual problems that can be explored. A seksolog, Dr. Deidre the future76 quotation from The Sun, Wednesday (17/6/2009) revealed that none of the wrong behavior.

According to Deidre, if someone is having problems to reach the orgasme, usually they are encouraged to learn how masturbasi. This is done, so that they gain knowledge about what makes them happy. They also are expected to communicate it to the pair of each.

Even if you do not have a problem like that, is perfectly normal for adults to enjoy masturbasi sometimes. If there is a Masturbasi that can make you lose your appetite will be lost in the pair is untrue. The problematic behavior is not masturbasi, but for someone reason masturbasi. If this is the maturbasi because he can not get satisfaction from the pair, that means their relationship is in trouble.

Is That Healthy Masturbasi ..???

But as quoted from the Medical Review Board, in terms of health masturbasi provide more positive benefits than negative effects.

In fact, sex counselor never looked masturbasi with the eyes. Thus placed as the first way and most secure way to know whether the body has a perfect function of sex.

People can find out what is causing himself and does not inflame. In terms of sex education, masturbasi better than text books, videos, or the Internet.

If you have sex with the pair trapped in pursuing one of satisfaction, feelings of shame or concern for the split was thinking what happens to the body, then masturbasi be seen as a way to find a new function-sungsi of sexual organs.

Why? because the mind is only focused on the body's response to our own sex.

Sexual behavior self-service is also seen as a powerful sleeping drug, especially if up to two hours early morning, eyes still ablaze since when is lying at 23:00.

From the survey conducted in 2000 on the women in the U.S., 32% of them said, masturbasi do in the last three months to make terlelap faster than watching TV, even the sheep swallow sleeping pills.

Sense of drowsiness appear as hormone release and endorfin at the time when orgasme. Other profit making ideas and more lightweight mengolahragakan heart.

If exposed to pain or temporary chronicles caused by cramps, headache or head for the other, then become a panacea orgasme. We recommend to have sex but if it does not have a partner, mastubasi can be a choice.

Feeling comfortable that accrued from orgasme stress can be a repellent that mumpuni. Moreover, if at the same time with masturbasi fantasy sex.

Will not eliminate stress entirely, but the space does not become loose. Yet, no expensive or damage.

Results of research shows there are two relationships between the number of men and ejakulasi risk exposure risk prostat. Prostat gland produces and stores seminal fluid that can be changed if it does not sound too old sediment.

Collection of fluid is not always a problem, but in some rare ejakulasi men tend to be triggered prostat cancer.

The other theories propose that the effects orgasme provide protection against breast cancer through the release oktosin time orgasme.

Adolescent and pair couple Masturbasi

Nowadays the development of science and technology more advanced, information about sex that are not regarded as a taboo anymore. Day by day adolescent sexual behavior, which is considered as the transition into the age to be increased over cases relating denagn adolescents. Unwanted pregnancy, Sexual diseases (including HIV / AIDS are now also increasingly popularity among the youth) are some examples of cases that we hear often start with some reporting. Not to mention the problem of sexual behavior has become of conversation among teenagers, for example masturbasi.

Masturbasi is one example of teenage sexual behavior often become a hot debate among teenagers, as evidenced from year to year, the number masturbasi behavior among adolescents are increasing. Research Pillars PKBI Central Java, an NGO concerned with youth in the city of Semarang in 2002 to do research among the students, recorded more than 60% of youth provided with encouragement seks how masturbasi or masturbation. Even dr. Boyke in one of the seminars was, 80% adolescent masturbation never do at least once, so this shows there are many young people already know, do not yet understand the impact and risk of masturbasi or masturbation.

Masturbasi sex is a behavior that is done in a way to stimulate genitals (own) to get sexual satisfaction. Later this was masturbasi (masturbation) is not only a trend among teenage males only, but women also do, as evidenced from some clients that had a woman come in the clinic had to confess that masturbasi. Even less does not couple the pair (of course) have enjoyed many relationships with the pair also had to do masturbasi along pernikahannya. Moreover masturbasi can be done by anyone, anywhere, in any environment, without having to use other people as patner.

Some experts say that masturbasi how to become part of the distribution in sexual encouragement to someone who is being increased Libido seksual, in addition to wet dreams and sexual relationship with the pair. Can be in the body when someone has begun to produce sex hormones estrogen progesteron (in women) and hormone testosteron (in men), he will have the encouragement of sex at any time should have the desired distribution. Age and adolescents will experience phase, then make masturbasi into one solution.

Masturbasi whether a sex difference, some doctors say no, because the parameters a clear sex difference, which cause the behavior and clinical symptoms that! However, a psychologist can categorize masturbasi in abnormalitas sex, because by using the distribution in a way that's (considered) less reasonable, and have some psychological impact, such as guilt (feeling guilty), are not holy feelings appear more or less confident that excessive .

Risks that can be considered to arise because of this behavior, among others, the encouragement of sexual harassment, so that the men who tend to dependence on or addicted masturbasi, so that at the time of marriage can have ejakulasi early, which would reduce sexual enjoyment (especially on women). While women often do masturbasi with the tools that are not common, such as blunt objects, dildo (bantu sex tool), a finger may be less clean, or just fantasize to have a certain satisfaction, a time will be very risk of infection vagina, and dangerous if using electrical equipment, electric, manual etc.. Often appear guilt because a woman can feel is not due masturbasi virgin, hymen damage, or sudden blood that is not fair after masturbasi. Not to mention the risk of infection occur keputihan due to the equipment that is not clean, or sterility due to ongoing infection, and is not completely cured!

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