Birthday to-23, Lindsay Lohan Show off Body with a bikini

bikini_lindsay_lohanLas Vegas After Mel B is doing in the parade bikini birthday, Lindsay Lohan also did not want to lose. To celebrate the anniversary to-23, he was with the show bikini body.

Whether the current trend or what so, but lately a lot of celebrities who choose bikini outfit as ultahnya party. This time Lindsay Lohan innings.

Lindsay celebrate ultahnya in a club in Las Vegas. He is creating a theme party at the swimming pool edge. And of course the dress code is dress pool.

Lindsay wearing a red bikini with a snippet of the sporty. The reason for stars' Herbie Fully Loaded 'it does not choose a bikini with a discount or more sections may be open because of the body that is now very lean. Lindsay merahnya the bikini with black platform shoes with tassel style Indian.

Bikini's second elected black Lindsay. This time bikini seen as more luxurious and decorated manik rock that much. Before the act with a bikini-bikininya, Lindsay wearing a black blouse thin to cover the body. Wow!

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