Lady Gaga Bugil in Rolling Stone

Nudity is not something that would make Lady gaga ashamed. Singer from the UK is in fact often appear with the show most of the body. And now, he is open-cover openings in the UK music magazine, new edition of Rolling Stone.

Singer song Poker Face will actually appear plain, without clothing also without make up. Lady gaga with provocative posing only cover the private parts with a bubble blower. Owner Stefani Germanotta original name of this claim is very happy to be contacted when the editor with the idea of these photos. "When they say to me about this, I almost wept."

In this edition of music magazine, posing with gaga challenging style, standing naked, covered with a bubble blower.

Sex, source of inspiration Lady gaga

Lady gaga claim that sex is a source of inspiration that forged it never dried. Each time he wrote the song, which is sex and is helping write the songs. He even said that sex and love is the reason people create works of art.

"All the music inspired by sex. Is not that why we all have? Love and sex is the only reason for the creation of works of art," says singer named Joanne original Stefani Angelina Germanotta this. Even be crazy Lady gaga on sex, producer to feel 'sick' and ask Lady gaga slightly refine the lyrics he used.

"We Americans can not seem to accept that women have a strong sexuality. But it is and I also feel comfortable. It seems that I only pop singer on the planet who reminded producers to refine a few lyrics songs," he said proudly as FemaleFirst made.

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