Remove the stiff Fitnes effects, do this!

For people who almost never exercise and a new start, usually the feeling stiff . In fact, there are people who can not own a shirt after the first day of fitness.

This happens because the muscles that had never been trained 'shocked' due to the exercise. So that does not suffer excessive pain, follow some way below!

Enhance your training with the practice at the end of the weekend. With the often tense muscles, the muscles will be weak. Pain began to disappear.

Make the heating peralahan before the start of each exercise. In addition, to avoid injury, heating also serves to increase the heart tap slowly increased in line with your breathing.

One part to train your muscles every day so you do not feel sick or in pain throughout the body. In addition, such training is more effective than train your entire body in one day.

Or swim in the still hot water for 15 minutes can also tense muscles and make you more rileks.

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