Reviews About Type 1 Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is a condition that affects how your body process the food and then change it into energy. When you eat, the food digested and destroyed a simple sugar called glucose. Glucose is required for each function in the body's organs, including the thinking. But if you have type 1 diabetes, you Pankreas stop producing insulin, a hormone that allows cells to utilize your body so that glucose can generate energy. Thus, the meaning of type 1 diabetes is a condition that the body is not able to use glucose from the food you eat and can not be mengolahnya for energy, blood circulation in this progress continuously.

General Symptoms Is Type 1 Diabetes?

Because glucose can not enter the cells in your body, then the sugar will multiply in the bloodstream, it can bring your body into crisis. Symptoms most commonly associated with type 1 diabetes are:

1. Easily tired
2. Urinating often
3. Often thirsty despite drinking already
4. Often feel hungry
5. Body weight increased

Very easy to understand the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Hunger, weight loss and fatigue are symptoms that indicate an inability in the body process glucose into energy. Thirsty and urinate frequently occur, because this is the way your body to be able to remove the excess glucose through the bladder.

What Causes Diabates Type 1?

Developing type 1 diabetes when the immune system turns on the body does not work, and interference occurs in the cells in the pancreas responsible for producing insulin. What causes this and why it happens, is still not clear to the researchers, but the three most likely are:
1. Gen: there is a decrease from the genes of parents with a history of diabetes
2. Virus: some evidence shows that there are some viruses that can trigger the body's immune response system with a search and destroy mission; stop production of insulin in the pancreas
3. Environment: some researchers suspect that the environment, when combined with genetic factors, can increase the risk of type 1 diabetes

Although not yet known causes for certain, we know for certain that the type 1 diabetes is caused not only by food berkadar a sugar high.

What Difference Between Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabates?

The biggest difference is found in the production of insulin. In type 1 diabetes, insulin production stops total. In type 2 diabetes, pancreas continues to make insulin, but not enough to maintain the balance of sugar in the blood. There is also the possibility that the pancreas is producing insulin in an adequate amount, but the body does not use it properly (called insulin resistance), most often occur because of obesity (Obesity). Most of those who have didianosisi have type 2 diabetes.

Is there a cure for diabetes?

Currently, there is no cure for diabetes (diabetes). Drugs for type 1 diabetes is a pancreas transplant. But how this should be the risk of surgery and those who receive transplants must take drugs for the rest of their lives to protect their bodies against the reaction of the body rejecting the new organ. In addition to this risk, there are also a few people who are willing to become donors to meet demand.

To date, the drug that is safer and more easily found, is to manage / manage diabetes well. Clinical studies have shown that diabetes is managed well can delay or even prevent many health complications. In fact, there are several things that cause people with diabetes type 1 diabetes can not manage if not melakukanya taken seriously. Management practices / manage diabetes well are:
1. Be careful in planning meals and eating habits
2. Organized sports
3. Taking insulin and other medications as prescribed
4. Being a proactive member of the team for your health care

Sources: National Diabetes Fact Sheet 2007. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Accessed: August 14, 2008


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