Photo Bugil Rani Juliani

rani_juliani_photoName of Rani Juliani is not foreign anymore at this time, a former caddy Padang Golf ModernLand Tangerang, this is the case fenomenal. Not until a week his name is associated with the case of the death of the Director of PT Rajawali Putra Banjaran Nasrudin Zulkarnaen who is also Chairman of the KPK dragged off, Antasari Azhar, the name of Rani Juliani direct it so people.

Name on the internet or Juliani Rani or Juliani become incaran Netter, and so a keyword that is very mysterious.

Seen from the blog that is allegedly owned by Rani Juliani, and contains only two floods this post comments, only in less than a week since the name-related cases Antasari Azhar.

There are at least 662 comments on the first post 559 and post comments in the other. Meanwhile, the community network, such as Plurk 'Rani Juliani,' Friendster 'Rani Juliani,' Facebook 'Rani Juliani' also be trends in the search engine.

Mailing list and message through various media chat BBM (Blackberry mesengger) also enliven phenomenon Rani Juliani. A message from the images received through redaction Blackberry Mesengger, there was a photo of a girl to play the golf with the naked, white bonnet, UV glass eyes and white sneakers. Below the images contained credit Sod Create title.

Image files with the name 'Rani.jpg' this is a busy among users of the Blackberry to easily send images from the member list of fuel to another member. Members only photo hoax also appear, Rani still remembers her mysterious. And of course all about Rani can be used by internet users.

But whatever form and who Rani, is still a mystery.

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