Rani Juliani Request Society To be Do not Berate

After the shooting case and Nasrudin Zulkarnaen alleged involvement disclosed, the name of Antasari AzharRani Juliani suddenly so popular. Similarly rani juliani blog. Blog juliani rani allegedly involved in love triangle with two petinggi is now busy visitor.

In blog Rani Juliani, Rani only 2 post writing. The first paper entitled 'Why I Choose Raharja Universities' and one without a title any posts that contain any posts up on the first mission and vision PT Raharja. Rani juliani seem to want to promote university.

Blog Rani, Sunday (3/5/2009) This has got 60 comments. In fact on Friday (1/5/2009), the comments in the blog is still very quiet.

Up to now the existence of Rani own still mysterious. No statement of any expensive caddy on the dramatic case involved juliani with rani and Antasari Nasrudin. However, in the blog, there is a 'claim' as Rani and her family requested that no berate in the case of debate so that people at this time.

"Assalamualaikum Wr Wb. all friends, please do not berate in the affairs that occurred outside of power, and I will. Leave me and my family ... I still believe everything will be open by itself later. But please, at this time to leave me and my family .... pls're calm and understanding emphatinya. Assalamu'alaikum, Rani and the family "to write the blog in posting by Rani. Unfortunately the person that give a posting is not identity.

Meanwhile, Rani blog visitors generally criticize and revile the call-girl sweet James Bond fans. For example, take the women who say dinikah series by the Director of PT Putra Rajwali Banjaran (PRB) Nasrudin Zulkarnaen as prostitutes.

"You are not better than a prostitute in Sarkem. I live well, learn and do-ahead work, not how to entice men with families do berduit," write the name of the visitor Eni.

"How many wives and many children do you have sengsarakan turbulence you do it! Meriage siri is still find other people again. ," said Mother, other visitors.

But other than the cursing, there is also the visitors who show empathy on student aged 22 years. For example there is a mention that the case dragged Nasrudin-Antasari nyeret Rani is not wrong. There is also a request from the third child of four brothers endure.

"From the news circulating, Mrs Juliani Rani is a very important person. A fellow blogger, I hope, and give moral support to the Rani to say is. Speak with a conscience. Do not be until this problem is too much prejudice and dipolitisasi parties. True words Deddy Eko, you need to ask for protection and do not easily affected. Tell ya if ya, and if it does not say no! " write the archipelago.

"To be able aja rani she is guilty because he was the only women aged 22 new, .. even though we have concerns the value of what I have to choose a wife from the org you are, .. tp still options rani she is the reason I have all of us have a relatively assessment masing2 ... criticism is directed more appropriate for the person (who is mentioned by the media .. red) to the problem of love triangle murder even there, "said the PRAM in the blog comments.

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