10 Foods To Increase Libido and How to enjoy

Activities does not make life run smoothly. Sometimes when couples are in want sex, one that does not even taste. But actually there are some foods that you can consume to be able to always have passionate sex. Following 10 types of food taste sex.

1. Celery

Perhaps this type of food, the first time in your mind when thinking about sex. Celery can be food plants sex fantastik. Celery has a fetus androsterone, hormones that prevention smell out through sweat men and women make so desires fulfilled.

How to enjoy this food: celery is good eaten raw. Wash and cut into pieces and chewing.

2. Raw oysters

These have been used as the sex of the olden times. Shellwork high iron contents, which increase the number of sperm and testosterone production. Shells also contain dopamine, a hormone known to enhance Libido. In addition, the experience of raw shellfish can ingest something so erotic. Try this entry in the list of events forplay with your partner, when you feel sensasinya both equally do so.

How to enjoy: to scrub clean clamshell to remove bakterinya. Open the skin and place the container in the ice and give perasan lemon if you like, take it to bed (if you intend making as forplay events), and start sedot kerangnya.

3. Pineapple

Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which is believed to increase Libido and restore the male impotensi. In addition, this food is a good source for potasium and B vitamins such as riboflavin, which increase the overall energy in the body.

How to enjoy: the fruit of the pineapple is cut in-cut container, when you will make with your partner, ask him to eat, and eat your part also.

4. Alvokad

Maya tribe, Astec mention the name of the fruit trees or tree ahuacatl testis. Yes, if seen from the shape is similar, but if abortion views this food contain folic acid, which is very useful to assist protein metabolism, which will give more power to you. This food also contains vitamin B6 (which increase the nutrients male hormone production) and postasium (the thyroid gland helps set the women), the two elements that help increase Libido both men and women.

How to enjoy: Cut waste alvokad be two, congkel with your finger, and let your woman menjilatnya.

5. Almond

Almond is the main source of fat is not saturated. Food is so vital needs as raw material for production of male hormones. In addition, peanut almond odor can excite women.

How to enjoy: Try almond aroma candles turn on and make kacangnya as a snack before the event starts make.

6. Mango, Peach and Stawberi

Fruit sweet and fresh as this of course is very tempt to enjoy while relaxing on. But that fruit can also be a means of sex. With shapes, fruits on the impetus to bring the event to erotic foreplay. Try

How to enjoy: Teteskan fruit juice to your body, and ask your partner to menjilatnya. Fruit peeled mango, peach and cut strawberi, and suapi your partner when he was doing oral sex.

7. Eggs

Although not the type of the most sensual food, eggs, rich in vitamins B6 and B5. This will help you to balance the hormones and the stress, two things that are important in health Libido. Eggs are considered as symbols of fertility and regeneration. Some people like to swallow raw eggs, which can be trusted to increase Libido and increase energy.

How to enjoy: Enjoy boiled eggs with your favorite drink before the event make.

8. Heart

Food is a source of glutamine. Food is useful to increase Libido is weakened. Indeed, this is not 'food section', but you can add in your daily menu.

How to enjoy: Try to enjoy the heart fried onion Tabur added.

9. Fruit Ara

Food is not saturated contains amino, which is believed to enhance Libido. Food can also enjoy the sexual stamina. Furthermore, the fresh fig is sweet.

How to enjoy: Suapi pair you with fresh fig before the event starts make.

10. Onion

You may need additional mint candy in this one. Onions contain allicin, which can increase the blood flow to sexual organs. Food is also referred to as the herb is effective to increase Libido.

How to enjoy: If baunya unbearable for you can mix in food.

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