Hot Osculation Dewi Perssik and Aldi Taher

hot_ciuman_dewi_persik_dan_aldi_taherDewi Perssik indeed controversial. Not only clothing and swaying on the stage, but also the style of speech and forthright action and spoiled prankish in public.

As time in the event sukuran Kuntilanak pricker newest film in the FX Plaza, Senayan, Jakarta, yesterday Sunday (10/05/09), the owner saw this rocking without diffidence practice techniques smooch with her husband, Aldi Taher.

Of course this wild osculation directly enshrined the news hunters. While Dewi Aldi and smell appear to enjoy, even when it is being Dewi tote foster son, Velice Gabrielle, which is aged 1.5 years.

Goddess and the main pin Kuntilanak are intentionally present, and also invites Aldi Gabriel, as a sign the whole family. Dewi is not denied if the relationship with Aldi the marriage bond is still in this series will soon be inaugurated and also the wedding reception.

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