Video Bugil Rahma Azhari Still Doubt

video_bugil_rahma_azhariVideo Rahma Azhari bugil tell back in circulation after a few months ago, Rahma Azhari bugil photo with sister Sarah Azhari also had appalling in the mass media.

In the video be 4 seconds and 7 seconds is Rahma Azhari visible also in the room and bath room. 4-second video recorded at the middle Rahma bath and undress in the chest, so that made, as cited the blog, Tuesday (19/05).

While the video is Rahma Azhari Bugil be 7 seconds, rahma appear to have a room in a little dark, middle Rahma removing light colored clothes superiors, while the bottom still wear shorts, and hair tied. Video was recorded by someone intentionally.

Truth video is still analyzed, considering the many pop video and photos using a false name as Celebrities korbanya.

Update: After you hear the latest from the site Rakyat Merdeka newspaper site specifically to cover the news when that Video Bugil Rahma Azhari has been posted on the site and share with the youtube news.

Two short video be a similar artist section Rahma Azhari can not Rahma, but other people who like this sister Sarah Azhari. According to further analysis by internal team, who sent a video Tuesday afternoon (19/05/09) this can not be Rahma.

In the video settings in the dark-some seen this anomaly. Work with especial brightness level and contrast it, women face in the video look broken, although at a glance, similar to Rahma.

Video of the shoot-through hole and not have any voice is seen as a retouch of the original video, even though the video is not yet known which can be a snippet of a film or video clip.

While the second video, more visible real rarity. Fatal error can be spelled with background music that is used in-klip, at a glance, almost similar to the background music horror movie.

This could be just a video taken from a horror movie scenes snippets and face are similar PLAYERS Rahma or can also Rahma is the bath and recorded by someone and spread by people not responsible.

True or not to subject the video, Rahma not confirmed. Games like this only repeat one of the many cases involving celebrities video, although it can be good photos and this video only works usil people who misuse the popularity of celebrities can only or also an intellect-akalan to push up the popularity of the artist himself. Who knows?

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