Robert Pattinson Want to Have Own Album

robert-pattinson-twilight-1After a successful role in the movie box office, TWILIGHT, Robert Pattinson reveal other desire in the world of entertainment.

British actors who play as Edward Cullen in TWILIGHT movie you want to make an album recorded, but not with a major label that big. "I'll probably make an album, but not through a major label or major such. I prefer to do so via the indie," he said.

"I do not care if people will buy it later or not. I only want to do it for myself, so I can work with good musicians," he said.

Actor issue establish a relationship with the opponents play in TWILIGHT, Kristen Stewart is saying, "Friends, friends are all musicians in London. They were talented. One friend wrote a song for the soundtrack friends with the other. One of them, Marcus Foster who write BOBBY LONG. "

When Pattinson still sitting in the school with Marcus, who teaches Marcus how to play the guitar on it. "He is an author and a great singer. I think I can do something and no at all," he added.

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