Do not Carelessly Seprai Purchase

ERROR buy seprai often occur. Both factors of size and materials. Nah, that is no longer mistaken, try see the following points as a consideration.


Sounds trivial, but many people choose the wrong size seprai. Seprai size is determined by the size of mattress. So far we only know twin, queen and king size, without know the exact size. In addition the terms for the size mattress, the different between Australia and overseas, particularly the United States.

After the right to know the size of your mattress, note label seprai wrapper. Select seprai with the same size mattress. This way, you avoid the risk of buying seprai greatness or smallness.

Type of material

Seprai influence the type of material comfort and care. In general seprai made of cotton. Cotton likely because many are easy to absorb the sweat and Adem.

In addition to cotton there is still another material. Such as silk or kashmir. Both materials are quite expensive. Any treatment that can not be indiscriminate. If you have any seprai with this material should be washed with a dry clean. Washing more secure way to maintain the shape and colors of silk and kashmir.

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