Robert Pattinson Not Tempted Paris Hilton

Robert Pattinson is heavy in a drunken party which was held recently in LA. But there he is still wise enough to not obsessed with Paris Hilton.

English actor who is currently residing in Vancouver for the newest film, NEW MOON, Hilton appears to create a time they met in the post-Oscar party last February 22.

However, although Pattinson was drinking lots of alcohol, he still can not refrain that fall with a popular guy like mutually like that.

A source said at the National Enquirer, "Paris is in its mission. He continues to pursue Robert followed the withdrawal and a children's dog."

"Robert was very drunk. He can not know who diajaknya talk and he was not concerned with Paris. But, how is Robert, he still does not realize to Paris together," he added.

"It was very strange and incompetent! When Rob Paris can make is in a room alone, Rob ago Paris vague and can not find it. And around Paris continually ask where to go to Rob," his him.

Recently also if Hilton (28) want to play in the very sekuel the TWILIGHT. Even ask him to please, so that the agents can get a role in situ

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