Luna Maya Wish Coldplay Appear in Indonesia

Frequency band from england, Coldplay show in Singapore appeared to raise expectations for the beautiful artist Luna Maya. Luna hopes at a later Coldplay can to appear in Indonesia. However, everything depends on whether the Indonesian government is able to provide security or not.

"I do not do too. Because everything depends on our own. Our own country who do not give trust to outsiders, so it should be a reflection why artists of the second line here, Rihanna canceled several times here to look after. But according to me, we also must said why? a means of community self help in the government, "said Luna.

"The task is not just government alone, this is a work of government, community, and the whole society and all institutions in Indonesia, we show that our country is safe, especially if such demonstrations occurred only please, but the show in peace with secure . By such a community can assess overseas that our society is a polite society that respects the differences, the problem is with the roomy chest.

Luna also hope Indonesia can imitate neighboring countries, Singapore, which were many bands from abroad. Moreover, the economy, still less with Singapore. "We have to imitate Singapore. Take positive examples only. hopefully if we can forward i can truly prove that our country is extraordinary, and have developed a pattern of thought also I think a time not only the Coldplay here, can be a destination concert artists from all foreign countries do, "said Luna.

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