Dewi Perssik Threatens killed former Assistant

Behavior melodist Dangdut Dewi Perssik the strange course. Only trouble is not like the actions of former assistant, the wife of Aldi Taher with meneror that will threaten to kill. Does not stay silent, the assistant called Andi, ask for legal protection lawyer Farhat Abbas.

"They advise me to ask for protection by the law. Terror is indeed very frightening," said Farhat

According to Farhat, who made the threat Dewi be regarded seriously. Themselves have evidence about the truth of the threat. "Victims said, Dewi claim have many friends of
the police," said Nia's husband is Daniati.

"We have the recorded evidence, the SMS sent by the Goddess, and we will provide assurance that Goddess does not act foolish," said the man who occupied the middle of Legislative Candidate.

According to Farhat also, the former wife of Jamil saiful it is a form of intimidation associated with the civil trial between the Goddess and Asep. "Andi was the money of the existence of Rp350 million according to the Goddess in the surreptitious Asep. In addition, Andi offense because the owner saw that the sack shake the unilateral and not pay some gajinya," said Farhat.

Up action, Farhat clients with legal steps to be ready to report to the Goddess to the police.

"This is a form of intimidation and an act that is not comfortable with making the threat. In fact, there are elements of intimidation such as direct voice recorded by Andi SMS and some evidence," Farhat demolished.

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