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Well, I joined with others and have created a blog. It is time to tell the world on online newspapers. Most blog services generate an RSS feed. If your blog software does not create RSS feeds, consider using software like FeedForAll to create RSS feeds. Such as blogs, RSS and increasingly popular ways to spread the word on the new blog.

Syndication is conceptually simple. This allows publishers to distribute content that can be displayed in one place or context. Using RSS, publishers can easily create and disseminate content that includes news headlines, summaries and links to your blog. Syndication RSS is a standard that was created to become a major. All types of information that is now available in a format for syndication.

1. Petitions blog / RSS Petitions
There are a number of blog directories and blog search engines where you can submit your blog. A large list of sites allowing blog submission and RSS feed submissions can be found in the left column to

Similarly, there are RSS directories and search engines such as Make sure you send the URL of the RSS feeds for search engines, RSS RSS listed on the website of the specification.

If you automatically want to examine you and your blog using RSS and Blog RSS Ghost Software Submit Software

Such as Web sites that are important to select the appropriate category for your blog. Use a title that contains descriptive details, but it is not too long. The blog should be more explanation about the purpose of expanding the theme and the blog. Enter keywords related to the major theme in the title and description of the blog. This will help achieve the objective of the movement is really interested in the content of the blog.

2. Press release sent to Online Resources
Write a press release to announce your blog in the world. Keep facts and send the news to press freedom and the directory. This will provide new links and the blog entry can be started on the path to popularity. There are some that allow the publication of newspapers. The release of sites that are sometimes picked up by publications looking for information or content filler. The other advantage of this list is to increase the link popularity, which helps search engine ranking. List of potential sites for posting press releases can be found under "Press circulation. Some are available in

3. The announcement posted on the Usenet
Some Usenet group to display ads or press releases. Most Usenet contain 'ann. " in the field of management. If your blog focuses on a specific topic, search the Usenet newsgroups. To find a subject called groups, try searching for a specific group of research related topics.

4. Post to Forums
Forum also contains a section to post ads. If the application is a niche product, consider searching for forums for specific topics, in addition to the general software announce forums listed below. Be sure to advertise in any signs announce forum. "This is a blog associated with this forum, which allows certain posts.

Favorite Feeds -
Advertise your blog -
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5. Promote and Auto Blog Feed
It has become the standard by which almost all sites that have RSS feeds that are available through the color chart to show the existence of an RSS feed. Graphic originally rectangles of bright orange, but as the popularity has grown, webmasters have bent the rules a bit. NotePage has made a free online RSS graphic tool available that allows users to quickly customize buttons by selecting the text on the button and the colors of the button. After the color and the text is entered, a custom graphic is done immediately. Webmasters can easily match the style of the RSS to the site theme.

Graph is not the necessary experience. Simply select alternative colors and insert text to personalize RSS feed graphics. RSS graphic tool that can be used by clicking the following URL or ready to choose the picture: http://www.rss-specifications . com / rss - graphics.htm.

Including information in the HTML of a website so that RSS readers to automatically detect an RSS feed for the existing material on the site. RSS aggregators automatically on a website if you add a little code in the field of small HTML pages.

After publishing an RSS feed for visitors is important to know that there is no food. RSS aggregators automatically on a website if you add a little code in the field of small HTML pages. [link rel = "alternate" type = "application / rss xml" title = "RSS" href = ""]

Be sure to replace with the RSS feed URL and replace the brackets with "<" (below) and> (greater than) symbol.

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