Julia Perez Divorce Consultation to Gusti Randa

Jupe_Damien_92Problems household Julia Perez does not seem to play. To find a solution perkawinannya Jupe-openings are open to lawyers Gusti Randa.

"I really have communication with the Bang Gusti. Konsultasi course, I already open all the same Bang Gusti," said Jupe in the building at Trans TV, Jl Kapten Pierre Tendean, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (3/3/2009).

Jupe discuss a matter of polemic in the household who have long she can not afford to finish with the husband, Damien Perez. Jupe notify uncooperative but things are explained to the problems associated Gusti household.

Including the matter of the news that if Jupe Damien criticize divorce, the men's French origin is entitled to the money of Rp 500 million. "Later I just can not talk much, wait deh," he said.

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