Pornography can be damaged brain Network

otak_kecilPornographic materials Expose the ongoing can cause addicted (adiksi) that ultimately lead to the brain over the network and its function is interrupted.

In a seminar on the impact of pornography on the brain damage, nerve surgeon's Hospital San Antonio, United States, Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD said that adiksi result in the middle of the front of the brain called the Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA) physical decline.

Depreciation brain networks that produce dopamine (chemical trigger happy feeling) that, according to him, cause workplace disruption neurotransmiter ie brain chemical substances that act as the sender of the message.

"Pornography cause constant changes in the functions and weakened neorotransmiter control. This makes the people who are addicted can not control the perilakunya," said Hilton, and also add adiksi pornography cause memory.

Conditions, he explains, does not happen quickly in a short time, but through some stage of the addicted is marked with impulsive action, ekskalasi addicted, and eventually decrease desensitisasi behavior.

"Pornography can destroy brain cells, a result of this behavior and the ability intelegensia be broken," added the Head of Central Maintenance, Improvement and Health Penanggulangan Intelegensia H. Jofizal Jannis.

He explains, the decline intelegensia directly and indirectly will reduce productivity and decrease the index of development of human resources.

According to Hilton, brain damage due addicted pornography is the most weight, more weight of the cocaine addicted.

However, he said, there is now hope that brain damage can be restored to near normal with the various methods of healing.

Therapy that can be used to restore the addicted brain damage as a result, according to him, among others, the personal motivation to drive the spirit of people to liberate themselves from the addicted, and the creation of a safe environment for the habitue drastically reduce access to pornography.

Besides, he added, with the formation of support groups and counselors therapeutist therapy increased spirituality and its impact is also very meaningful in the recovery effort.

"Research shows religious spirituality of any kind, will speed the recovery process," he said.

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