Megan Fox Kencani Girls naked dancers

Hollywood Actress, Megan Fox, had himself admitted that with a double-clad female dancers from Russia. But not considered himself as a lesbian.

TRANSFORMERS star admitted he is dating with the dancers themselves when dicampakkan by former girlfriend at age 18.

Fox says in the magazine GQ, "Well, that year pacarku memutuskanku, and I decided that I fall in love with a girl who worked in the Body Shop this."

"I decided to find ways that he Cintaku reply, and I double to build a relationship with this girl, she was a nude dancer named Nikita."

But Fox said reject gay. "See, I am not a lesbian. I just feel that all people born with the ability to be interested in both sexes."

"It's mean, I can see myself in touch with a girl, Olivia Wilde is so sexy I want to climb the mountain with empty hands. He was amazing. And recently, I am obsessed with Jenna Jameson, oh boy .."

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