Aris' Idol 'look forward to a new wife, but not as Fanny

Recognition surprising exit from the Indonesian Idol champion's mouth in 2008, or Januarisman Aris. Not only that persecute his wife a few days ago, according to Aris has since he was first rough play and women.

"The problem is not now, I was past. Then I rough, main guy," he said when found in the Menara Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (29/1/2009) night.

However, his wife, Aris regretted the action, which reveals the Fanny lalunya. According to him why it now after so Indian Idol, Fanny new mempermasalahkannya.

Could be felt as it is not suitable, Aris will receive the claim divorce his wife. At the divorce hearing on February 3 to come, he promised to attend.

Dituturkan Aris, he actually did not want to part with Fanny because they already have a child, Rasya. But as Fanny already can not be compromise, he was ready to divorce.

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