5 Tips To Promote a Web Site

Question: I work on the development of small business Web site. How do I promote effectively?

Answer : Let's see the five rules for the cultivation and promotion of small business sites.

Rules no. 1:

Choose and use keywords carefully. It is estimated that 90% of Web site traffic comes from search engines. If the user types a few sentences or words that match the keywords or key phrases in your content, they will find you.

So do not underestimate the importance of choosing the right keywords.

How do you know what keywords to use? This can be difficult. My online tool that is used to test the sentence that I think is the killer of keywords and guess what? The number of people who search for the term is almost zero.

The best way is to find the right keywords is to use the tool to generate keywords that allows you to select and analyze the words and phrases to lead people to your site.

Once installed on your keywords, you must enter the correct throughout your site, including

* At the top of the front page
* In the title and meta tags
* If you and your site content
* Links

Rules no. 2:

Get connected. You want to get a better ranking in search engine results pages? Other sites to get a link to your website.

Spider search engine that analyzes the effective ranking website with a link to the site higher. Links from popular sites such as MSN, a better value. One way to get links to your site is to ensure that the main search engine on your site. You can submit your site here.

Another way to get a good link:

* Submitting your site to industry groups and connect them to your
* Once connected to your trade association
* Search site complementary business and connect them to you (this mutual need between May)
* Pay for the link to your site if necessary. For example, a directory company Yahoo is a link, but it also costs $ 300 per year. This may be useful.

Rules no. 3:

Buy ads. All links and keywords in the world does not mean you will get search engine ranking.

One of the smartest use of your marketing dollars to buy is the key of search-based advertising. The best part: you do not pay for the announcement until someone clicks on it. (As for the next generation through the keyword tool, Microsoft adCenter can help you select and purchase rights search and ads.)

Rules no. 4:

Capture visitor email addresses. Your best prospects are people who come to your site. By entering your name and e-mail, you start to build a list that can be used to send special offers, promotions, notification of sales and so forth.

You can enter an address by encouraging visitors to save it to your website (for example, give their name and e-mail) that allows them to

* Register for your free newsletter
* Participate in the poll free
* Post in the forum
* Read the rest of the article, and so forth

Rules no. 5:

Do not forget off-line tricks. Use of public relations to write stories about your website. The site address (URL) into the entire ad. Being part of all correspondence. Put it on the sign and business cards. There are contests to promote the site. (You can learn many things on this site,

Finally, remember that everything in the world is not useful if, finally, when people come to your site, you are amateur, useful or not difficult to navigate or read. So put your best foot forward.

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