Want Minimals Modern Houses Cheap? Let's Buy Now

Figure 1a. Minimalist type 45

Figure 2a. Minimalist Type 36

When the puzzled look of minimalist modern house with 2 rooms type 36 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with a size of 1.5 meters x 2 meters, plus a simple kitchen with cheap prices. I try to ask fro looking for cheap homes on the market information. Every time I find information through the home buying and selling newspaper advertising, advice of friends, and browsing on the internet.

Exact date and I forget what day, but it is clear Waku day. While I was driving a motorcycle, I saw and very interested in a slogan that the paste in a van with the words 'If buying a house cheap why should rent!'.

What the heck is cheaper to buy a house now? Added years to my knowledge the more expensive home prices. I contacted several developers who also provide a list of house prices is not cheap (aka expensive for those of you who earn less than 3 million).

Then if the statement on the slogan that I read nonsense? Of course not. This slogan is true for those of you who are willing to buy homes on credit. Lo how come? Yeah apparently bought a house on credit is more expensive than paying cash.

The assumption is that property prices house prices never go down. The longer housing prices semkin expensive. In this case the value of selling the house you are buying more and more and soar. Different if your car loan or motorcycle loan, the future value of the selling price of motor you are selling will go down.

So if you are willing to buy a house on credit now, while you earn a net salary per month is not more than 3 million. The condition of your home loan is not jammed, 10-15 years later the home loan has become private property. Then check the value of your home sale price. Amazing is not it? So do not be surprised if buying a home is an investment in the future.


Makati Apartments said...

very nice looks so expensive..

Accountant Melbourne said...

Very nice houses.. Looks expensive but worth.

randy said...

Hi, very helpful post. Would it be okay for me to provide a guest post on your site? Thanks!


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