Photo Bugil Ayu: Naturally, if Ayu Stress

Photo_bugil_ayuStress can arise at any time and hit anyone. According to Anita Kristiana, a psychologist from Recover Foundation, stress can be experienced in everyday life and show if there is something that makes life out of balance, disturbed, and uncomfortable.

For example, what is happening on Ayu Oktasari (27), winner Take Me Out Season 1 that Indonesia tripping nude photos case. This is certainly a problem that upsets the balance of Ayu in the case of self-esteem, self-actualization, and sense of security.

According to Anita, it's natural to feel stress Ayu time and remain silent after knowing how exciting her photo spread via the internet. It is still a big question whether the object image is itself. Ayu himself has stated on Female Compass that the photo was not him, and claimed never to do nude photo shoot in a studio picture like that illustrated in these sensual photos.

"In just one condition to get good images, opening opportunities in the entertainment realm, and is undergoing a new relationship, normal if Ayu stress and silence with the photo scandal," said Anita, while continuing that experienced distress associated with anxiety Ayu image will fall, and how other people respond to him after the release of these exciting photos.

Ayu could have put hope in the reality show which gave it new opportunities, in terms of personal relationships and careers. However, when nude photos scandal hit, his life disrupted, giving the feeling worried, and his need for security from disturbed. Not to mention the appreciation of the self is disrupted because of the scandal could make other people's perception of him changed. In the end, the need to actualize themselves, too, was fulfilled.

"However, it returned to the concerns that arise from these issues. And how this problem will affect the individual will be highly dependent on the reception of himself or how the individual assess the situation at hand and how to fix the problem," explained Anita on Female Compass.

Ayu issue only one example of how stress can hit you, and how appreciation of the problem yourself. For that, you need to recognize stress and symptoms that later emerged, and then find the form of a solution that strengthens your back.

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