How does your Internet Business? Fortunately or Loss?

Internet businesses would benefit if the income derived exceed the operational costs of the spending. Internet businesses are considered harmful if the income (cash) earned less than operating expenses. The question is at what point you are now? Fortunately or Loss?

All the people who run Internet businesses would expect to reap as much profit, but not all can be successful as expected, why? Personally I do not dare to give a reason why many of us who fail to reap the benefits of doing business online. But as a discourse, I will give some arguments why many internet businesses lose money.

According to personal experience, a lot of capital that we at least seem to affect earnings remove internet business. It means how much the operational costs we spend to run an Internet business can be an impact on the advancement of business (Internet business). For example: people who run online businesses using the Internet connection services will be more advanced unlimited compared with those who use the internet cafe. People who are willing to pay hosting and domain will be considered more bona fide and professional in their appeal to use a free domain and hosting. Or maybe people are willing to pay the costs will be faster advertise the appeal of our famous who rely solely on visitors from search engines.

If you want serious internet business is a good idea at first I capital you are willing to spend. At the beginning I was running an Internet business without capital. I do not need the capital at all. To be my internet connection is using the office internet cafe facilities. For the domain / hosting is still using the free (blogspot). My visitors search business is still relying on search engines.

But with time, appeared dissatisfied with the income I earn in the internet business. Actually I did not lose money because so far in a month I get a 2-digit dollars without spending a bit of capital. But because of my reading experience of some friends, there is already able to produce the 3-digit day, makes my blood was up. I think they are able to reply a lot of money through the internet why I did not. Well ... this dissatisfaction that made me more serious about doing business online. This dissatisfaction is what gives exceptional kekutan me to move more extreme.

Frankly I want to like them. I want to get the 3-digit dollar a day. To achieve this dream would require effort. Not enough to rattle the bones but also need to squeeze the brain. Well, to realize this dream, I began to take simple steps, namely:
1. Unlimited internet connection subscribed
Belangganan Internet connection with this I will be more flexible in the set time. My previous reply was hanging with office hours, I can now add flight hours on the internet.
2. Rent domain names and hosting
For me, rent domain name needs to be done to summarize the url address, to make our blog more bona fide, and for search engine optimization.
3. Many practice and learn from the experience of friends who successfully
4. Practice good SEO techniques
5. Prayer, patience and perseverance (Actually this is the most important point, because without the intervention of the Lord of our efforts would be wasted)

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