Antivirus Free? "THIS" to make your PC Slow Process

PC or laptop computer to secure from virus attacks, how? Of course by installing antivirus software such as AVG, Norton, Symantec, Avast, Avira, and Ansav. But installing it was not enough, if not done regularly updated. This is what I would do to secure my computer from virus attacks annoying. But unfortunately the computer with the specs Pentium 4 with 512 RAM running so slow as Pentium 1, because of my pairs free antivirus which I get from the Internet.

I apologize for not writing the name of my antivirus plug and make the computer process is slow. Because besides not polite also endanger myself from lawsuits because it is considered libel.

Basically, all antivirus slow down the computer. Because each of us to run a task (application) in the computer antivirus scanning will also do. So the memory used will be divided to run your program and partly used by the antivirus. However, in some antivirus scaning can be set manually, so antivirus scaning is not done when we run any program on your computer, but this way seems less secure than the automatic scaning.

If indeed we have installed antivirus scaning is set automatically, of course our hope is to not eat too much memory. But you know, my antivirus which is downloaded from the internet spend the PC memory. In my mind crossed mind "kok lately my computer ..... so what ya lemot my computer had been infected with a virus?" No kidding bro .... I just run the program winamp but in Windows Task Manager CPU usage between 88% to 100%. I suspect there is a hidden virus applications and uses of the PC memory.

E. ...., When I do a search it is precisely that makes antivirus tantrum. The proof after I unistal this free antivirus, my computer became normal again. To run winamp, internet browsing, and just photoshop CPU usage ranges from 23%.

Message me, a bona fide use antivirus and do not require too much memory processes, but if you do not find it better to install deepfreze or slightly Uniblue RegistryBooster to secure from viruses like rummaging through the computer system.

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