Photo Bugil Ratu Felisha - Bikini Version

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Section who really know the Queen felisha ga? He is a star sinetron 'ABG', movie stars' Kiss Buruan Gue 'and had been the model for adult male magazine.
Currently, the Queen being so chase journalist. What article? Photographs of the Queen who is to spend time berdugem rollick circulating on the internet.
Total there are four photos. The first image contains the image of Queen with four friends. Three women and one man. Hands of the men placed the body in front of the Queen seems to feel chest are white pigeon that.

In the second photo, female friends of Queen no longer appear. Only he and a friend prianya. In this photo looks as if the men will want to touch the breast with the Queen of mouth. Pinggul also held by the Queen's men.
Photo posenya third more prankish again. The male friend tried to lick the back of the Queen at that time was being nungging. Ratu superior wear backless green.
Photo likely taken in the fourth opportunity is different. Because the Queen no longer wear the green, but purple. In the image, along with three friends, the Queen is being suck a cigarette.

And Now New Photos of Queen felisha a holiday .. wow section of
Woow .. very sexy felisha Queen .. with a tattoo on the back .. ekslusive photos ..
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