The desired action naughty Women's Place in the Bedroom

When dealing with sex, whether you imagine if your wife thinks that is doggy style action can do? If the correct level as that, you need to learn more about women. Most women, especially at the time such as now, have been very understanding about what he would want for this spesialnya needs. Contributor AskMen, Vanessa Burton for you.

Wild sex
The idea here, if you plan to spend your life in a monogamy relationship, you should always try new things. You must continue to make them feel interesting. The problem here, often keeps women's desires. So all depends on you, how to make it become more open so you can own, and he realized what was enticing sexual.

Therefore, try to check a few things you might want to be done by the women in your bed, but always keep him for fear will be reproached by you. If you believe your relationship with and loyalty, with some imagination to understand can make them more bold to reveal the desires.

1. You dominate
Many women have sex more comfortable in the dark. This may be related to not feeling confident with body condition. But also in the darkness, he can become someone else. He can adopt a different character, a very confident and powerful.

Even if you put on lid, the method of seks will changed. He will adopt a more dominant attitude. He will tempt you more brave, a voice and even start talking dirty.

In another, both of you make: Close the eyes with a cloth and do something that you do not always differ. For example, if you rarely kiss after penetration of the style of missionaries. Try kissing him afterwards. Then, open the cover on the eyes and wearing your own eyes. Even better, turn off the lights. Wait for what will happen next.

2. Kiss another woman
When the illusion that women will love to sleep with another woman. But most of the fact that there are, they only want to do a kiss and caress the other woman. This of course does not threaten your position, and he also know that you may also be able to enjoy the view smooch with another woman.

In another, both of you make: Ask him if he ever fantasize about other women. If yes, ask him to describe the atmosphere and what is done by the pair with the imagine. Who knows, it might be making them know that it can stimulate you, he can better reveal the hasratnya and both of you can practice what it.

3. Use vibrator
Women like a different sensation, the same with your men. One fact you need to know, no one can overcome the sensation of vibration in the vibrator klitoris. Even the mouth and the penis is not able menandinginya.

With a vibrator to rub vagina when you make the penetration. No doubt more will make them go mad. And many women want to feel the sensation of the vibrator feel without having to worry if her husband feels dipinggirkan. Is no need to compare yourself with a sex toy because there is no rival who can think of a man.

In another, both of you make: Take a vibrator and open the second legs. Vibrator is to see him and klitoris will stretch with full passion.

A more brassy, the better
Everything is up to you and your partner to make your sex life can be both possible. Therefore, make him know that will not be a problem if he wanted to try something outside the practice. That way he will feel safe to do so.

Remember, most women want to act prankish in bed. And if they know if you will not be when they became more brave, you might get something sensation you've never think about before.


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