How to Get Writing or Post Article Blog Without Online

This is the latest way that I can use to quickly write a blog without loss of new ideas.

Good ideas can sometimes appear without the suspect. Still wanted to write these ideas quickly into the blog. But often we in the bar by the media, because to be able to write on the blog, we have online. These problems often lead to good ideas that flow in our minds is lost. Why? Why yes because we have been delaying to write these new ideas.

At the time the computer in front of us trying hard to remember a new idea we've got. But still remember, ... why keep forgetting? Because of our brain capacity is very limited.

To overcome this weakness I find a way, if I could write a blog via e-mail messages in hp. Eh ... it could be lo.

I use erricsson z520i sony hp. Unfortunately, writing an email message using this phone number of words (characters) are still very limited.

Because less satisfied, I'm looking for cheap hp but with the specification of push email. Finally I bought hp nokia 2323 classic. For me, HP is quite a relief to my wishes. Because with this phone now I can write a long blog posts (up to 10rb characters) wherever and whenever without having to online.

Loh, why should be able to push email? Kalo hp we do not have this ability, it seems more ribet.

Well through this article I want to share an easy and quick to write blog without losing your brilliant ideas.

1. Setting your blog in order to post via email
2. Have hp which has facilities send an email message
3. Activate GPRS on your hp. Because in order to send email, gprs hp you should have available
4. Start writing an email message on your HP. If the blog article you are going to write long, and have not completed at that very moment, you can save before the draft message. so if there spare time you can continue.
5. Finished writing, please send your email messages to the email address provided by the blog service providers.
6. If you are not satisfied with the font type and size, you can set it later. The way it should be online and login to your blog. Because sending email messages are not available via hp font settings.
7. Finish

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