No cause of beer potbelly, But ...

Consume beer belly not cause someone to become pregnant. A research can prove that the beer did not affect the form of a stomach. But drinking beer can cause a risk of the other. This is him!

Research was carried out on 20 thousand beer drinker in the UK. They consist of 7876 men and 12,749 women who are classified as a heavy drinker, so the quotation future76 of, Tuesday (7/7/2009).

8 years of research, researchers can prove that beer is not consumed to make the area around the stomach to be bigger. For the drunkard that stomach bulge, that is the only genetic problem. And not all heavy drinker will experience changes in the form of stomach.

Despite not making recent, research results also revealed that, like excessive drinking of beer will also make someone's increased body weight. Not only are the stomach bulge, but took up the entire body.

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