How Smart Writing articles in Blog

Writing articles is the one most important factor to improve the quality of the blog. Indeed, this is not reliable way to push up the number of visitors to blogs instantly. But keep in mind that blogs that have high traffic of visitors will also hold the same assumption for me. Why? Because in the world of blogging, the content (article quality) is the king.

Blog articles with the same organism, such as humans, animals, and plants that are dying, if not immediately then by the end has been waiting for. Similarly, if a blog without an article, blog entry will be in the grave so that no one will find it. Thus, the blogger should have the proper paradigm in managing the blog. One of the most important paradigm is the content (red = good article). Blog content is a life blogger. Any SEO techniques that you praktekan become useless if there are no new articles posted.

Let's write a clever blog! Next few tips or how intelligent writting blog

1. Interest in learning to write: This is the main capital to be able to write quality articles. Have interest to learn to write can also referred to as a good first step. So, please dispose of much laziness in your mind. Will be more powerful if what you have not only interest but relish writing, guarantee your blog will be more alive and fun.

2. Understanding the structure of writing in phrases, sentences, paragraphs

3. Using punctuation correctly so that what you write is more easily understood

4. Knowing what people search for through the search engine: If you discuss a topic, should provide a title that may akan diketikan people in the search box search engine. The more appropriate the more people will also find your blog through a search engine.

5. Use keywords in the post content: this is useful to improve the ranking / position in your blog search engine. The more intelligent you enter a keyword in the article the better the position of articles on search engines.

The steps are the techniques that I use for this. lumayan keren result and also to use the new blog from the blogspot domain for free. Hopefully this article useful for you!

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