Is Men pretend Orgasme?

When we take the quasi-orgasme, most certainly imagine the women pretend to reach climax. But on the AskMen a survey shows that men 23% of the respondents said that they pretend orgasme more than once. Indeed, most of the respondents (47%) said "No, why do men have to pretend orgasme?" You are so easy to get them, certainly concur with this question. So what should a man pretend orgasme?

Women's pretend orgasme, mostly because the party failed to raise he does not want to harm the feelings. Some of the men who pretend orgasme also have the same reason. In fact, the more painful for a woman to know if the spouses can not reach climax. Mainly due to a general view that men reach climax so easily at any time, anywhere and under any circumstances. But of course, this is not true. Because this is also why men also need to learn to pretend orgasme.

On the one hand, men may more easily reach the orgasme than women, but there are also some conditions that are difficult for men. Unlike women who can get multiple orgasme, most men can only reach climax once or twice before running out of energy. So if a man has to make two or three times a night, make more requests will be an excessive request. The same condition also occurs if she has to do masturbasi before. Fatigue is also a cause of failure orgasme factors, together with the consumption of alcoholic drinks is too many.

So why is clear need to know how men pretend orgasme. AskMen correspondent, Sarah Stefanson, will try explain some of the instructions to do so.

1. Preparation of quasi-orgasme
To successfully simulate orgasme, it is important for you to use a condom. Indeed, can still be done without this tool. But all will become more complicated. Consider this as one of the more secure.

2. Do not over
Over-react will destroy all this business. You must strive to make this orgasme engineering as possible with the actual orgasme. Do not make it redundant with the groan too loud, face expression and excessive movement, or all the other things that do not fit with your character.

3. Do not dealing
Position vis-a-vis is not so ideal for this false orgasme. Each person has their own unique expression when orgasme and very difficult because you can never see. Couples who would have you repeatedly see and recognize the expression orgasme you surely will find out if there is not the same when you pretend orgasme. So while it is ostensibly, better you do with the doggy style position or other position in which you do not face to face to face with them directly.

4. Dispose of condom as soon as possible
Remove the condom immediately once you finish sham orgasme and wrapped with a tissue before you remove them to the trash. Because the pair of women you certainly will not dredge up the trash to see proof of your orgasme. So release as soon as possible and to dispose of trash, is the best action.

5. Do not also engineering
Whatever you usually do after orgasme, you need to do well after sham orgasme. If you usually sleep and turn directly, do that also. If you are not the type of stroke-like after make, do not suddenly do that if you do not want to raise. But if the activities belai-stroke is the routine after a make, then you must also do so with semanis although you may already so tired. Now is the time a little deviate from your normal routines.

Process should be "how pretend orgasme this" only for certain conditions only, as there is no better than the truth. If you feel too tired, or drunk too much orgasme, you should delay sexual conduct. Just when you are in a condition ready as always, you can ensure that both of you can make with the passionate.

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