Do not Force Your Penis Ereksi

Skills in a sexual relation is not only dependent on physical fitness, but also mind and mental attitude, which all can be trained to achieve the right composition. According to Graham Masterton in his book Wild in bed together, in bed games involving physical ability of 10 percent, 20 percent experience and knowledge, and 60 percent of mental control.

Conscious thought is needed in order to get the perfect ereksi and without the 'forced', but achieved a natural. For that, Graham Masterson provide some tips that can be tried.

1. Do not be nervous
Make time, do not be too concerned whether the self can ereksi or not. Masculinity can not always be measured through the ability ereksi and do not need to spin when a successor is difficult ereksi. Remember, women actually do not understand that men can always ereksi. They just do not feel with the man who can not always ereksi.

2. Do not focus to a goal, but oriented to the process
Do not rush 'forced' penis to perform its duties and ereksi. Better just think about how to satisfy a partner, for example, find out which part of the couple who like the touch.

3. Couples get to participate actively, including as sex teamwork
Difficulties should be shared with your partner. Do not apologize and rationalize if not as you wish, therefore, not just your fault. This is the same as the task before you stimulate pair bersenggama.

4. Slowly but sure
Do not hurry to enter the penis in the vagina, because thinking ereksi before hurried limp again. This is in fact only increase fear and increase your penis to faint again.

Sex is done in a hurry you can make the experience ejakulasi premature. Will better you do it slowly and continue to think how to give joy to the pair as possible and reach orgasme first.

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