Lindsay Lohan?

lindsay_lohan-sexyMother of Lindsay Lohan and former United States Vice President candidate, Sarah palin, dinobatkan prospective mother-in-law as the worst in the world a poll conducted recently.

Indeed, not one of those children are married. But still they are only the name is in the top position in the polls.

Dina Lohan gets attention from the sharp site users that the poll is. Do not want to lose, palin is also entered follow-up after giving a statement to the spicy daughter pair, who is also the father of the grandchildren kesayangannya.

Meanwhile, news of which was written, pop diva Britney Spears is also kebagian 'cap' ugly. He was elected in the polls as Facebook Friends in the Most Unwanted.

Good news is given to the Violet-child pairs celebrities Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Barack Obama and daughter Sasha and Malia that the selected Children Most Popular Showbiz.

Meanwhile, Jayden - the son of Will Smith as the most votes to reach the Children's Impressions Following the parents.

Only because of driving in case of intoxication occurred in 2007 ago, Lindsay Lohan must be willing to sit in the interrogation room for an hour when akan across the Canadian border. Officials there did not want to take the risk that cases recurred again.

Saturday, Lohan landed in the airport because Motreal is scheduled to appear at a nightclub there. When that is the immigration officer and ask for Lohan to go to space in the back of the computer screen as they contained data that Lohan was arrested because the police in cases of driving drunk in the year 2007.

According to a source cited ContactMusic, immigration officials initially unprepared Lohan entered the region of Canada for fear of repeating pesohor this case. However, after interrogation for about an hour, officers eventually allow Lindsay Lohan continue the journey.

Lindsay Lohan beautiful artists are zealous attempt to reach the hearts of former kekasihnya, Samantha Ronson. Lindsay're even plan to fly to London, where Samantha akan manggung later.

Lindsay is scheduled to shooting magazine Vogue in some club in London this late May. He will take advantage of this good opportunity to return to the embrace Samantha. "Lindsay looked flushed pemotretannya akan schedule this time. He even flying to London a few days before Samantha manggung," said a sources as ShowbizSpy (1 / 05).

Samantha will be coming to London early in June to attend some future event DJ, and will spend about 10 days work in there. "And Lindsay was membooking the same hotel with Samantha, Kensington hotel," sambungnya. Samantha coming to London this idea on the suspect Lindsay.

Samantha did not even know why he was invited to London, according to some friends if he knew Lindsay Lindsay menantinya have been there, there is a possibility Samantha akan penerbangannya cancel.

Relationship with Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson does not appear to really ended. Section, Thursday (23/04) yesterday evening, Lohan is still visible visit to Samantha Ronson's house in Hollywood Hills. In situlah they both lived the same house before Ronson decided to change the lock house.

Photographers reveal if Lohan appear calm and happy during a visit. He estimates Lohan spent six hours in the woman's house DJ. In the same evening, Ronson change his Facebook status from single to be it's complicated.

In an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres diudarakan Thursday evening also, that if Lohan and Ronson himself was talking to one another. Once dilansir from Us Magazine.

"I am very concerned about the Samantha and we see just what will happen," said Lohan. "Perhaps when we actually have in the right place. Mencintainya I am."

A few days after they were set to drop out April 4, Lohan said while crying on the Us Weekly that his own and felt very lonely without Ronson on the side.

Gossip and the controversy that Lindsay Lohan recently making a dither. Moreover, because of all the gossip that his career as an actress so hampered because the studio boss if anxious to work together with them.

MEAN GIRLS star is revealed that a major film project had to be delayed because producers believe that over what they read about the problems of food, medicines, and how depresinya Lindsay dropped out of post-lesbian lovers, Samantha Ronson.

Shown on Thursday (23 / 4) in one of the TV in the United States, Lindsay said, "I have the opportunity to work with talented actors and unfortunately all of them must be postponed because of all the circulating gossip."

"I do not ever want to be cover in various tabloids, and I always be the target. I'm not interested in all that, and even very disturbed. Gosip it with the others, the studio, all the people - they are so worried. But I am ready to work and mengemban responsibility, "the firm Lindsay Contactmusic quoted.

Various reports concerning the mental Lindsay since he became increasingly dropping out of Samantha ago in March, but he stressed that the situation adequately. Even friends like Natalie Portman also help focus a career.

"I have some good friends. Natalie Portman one of them, he membantuku through everything," added Lindsay.

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