Roy Suryo acknowledge Face The similarity Dhea Imut

Fot_Dhea_ImutBeredarnya video porno Dhea Imut similar circulating in the virtual world of attention from the telecommunications observer Roy Suryo. According to Roy, the video be 1 minute more, the female actors are there similarities with Dhea, but Roy can not ensure that the perpetrators are Dhea artist.

Because the face of similar Dhea with only 2.5 seconds showing.

"Recently I called by kak Seto (Seto Mulyadi - red) at around 15:00 WIB, the cases that override the artist berinisial 'IN'. Assumption doubts when I was very 'IN'. I see no similarity with the 'IN'. Faces' IN 'appear only 2.5 seconds, so it is difficult to' IN ', "said Roy, when found in the Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta, Thursday (5 / 3).

Although it is difficult to ensure that the video is circulating Dhea owned or not, but Roy felt pity for Dhea if video is own right, because in the video is going harassment against women.

"Kasian true if the child, because in the video that there is abuse against women. There are 2 people who do these scenes. One person who took the picture and one more person to do that," said Roy.

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