The Mini Celebrities Clothing

Hot_pantsMini skirt or hot pants are often a choice when the time relaxing. But there are also some celebrities who choose a mini fashion show at the event to come to formal. Let see their style!

Hot pants or shorts are super-mini to be the choice to appear relaxed. The celebrities also like to make hot pants as an option clothes. Just call Sheila Marcia.

Stars' About Love 'is the hot pants jeansnya a black shirt with a beauty parade stomach. is relaxed and impressive section.

Star teenagers Eva Celia also choose red hot pants in the relax. But do not want to appear too sexy, with a leather jacket size large.

Stars multi talent Agnes Monica also choose jeans mini-skirt in the formal event. really impressed too relaxed. He combines a jacket hoody, t-shirt and mini skirt jeansnya. Sporty and casual.

Nia ramadhani young stars are also happy to appear sexy. On one occasion, he chose tight red blouse, a Pair it with the super mini skirt in a beautiful lace. It have the impression that sensual and wild.

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