Lindsay Lohan Posing Without Panties - Underwear

Lindsay_lohanAngeles Lindsay Lohan appears as a model in promoting skin darkening products (tanning) latest. In the ad, he was posing without panties. Wow!

In the section break, Lindsay wearing only underwear u can see a big white. T-shirts that reveal the body color darker. in Pose so that is suitable to prove the product quality own skin, 'Sevin Nyne'.

Future76 Quoted from The Sun, Friday (13/3/2009) stars' Freaky Friday 'is to pose with the sensual style and seduce. Skin color with a dark, Lindsay appear more exotic.

Lindsay never darken the skin several times. Skin color but also a discussion some fashion. This is due to body color that is not flat.

In any event, DJ Samantha Ronson lovers appear with the dark skin of the face to the ankle. While the legs of white trash wearing socks.

Hopefully only, darkening skin products do not own to give the same effect!

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