How To Reduce Appetite

When talking about the diet program, the show is a hard sport and hungry. Is there a more lightweight? There.

Inhale aroma of food before eaten
According to Alan Hirsch, MD, neurologist from the University of Illinois Medical School in Chicago, United States, smell aroma of food can be sophisticated nerve center of the brain that is responsible to provide signal satiety. "Inhale aroma of food slowly, about three times before eating, you can make the brain think that you have real food and feel satisfied," said Hirsch.

Diligently weigh
Have a little elastic bodies do not even make you memusuhi scale. Even otherwise, far more weight you "escape" from the ideal limit, the balance even more to be near your friends. Whereas the body before eating can help muffled bang you desire in melibas food. To remember, lest you become too obsessed on the value of the scale indicated. To consider is to remind yourself that there is still much that needs to kilograms of fat burned, and not make you grow fat because of stress.

Calculate the amount of calories
Knowledge of the actual calories in the food you can easily get from the internet. For example, a bowlful of white rice = 250 calories, sheet white bread = 70 calories, and seporsi cheeseburger = 310 calories. With frequent practice, the long run you will be aware of choosing a boiled egg which only contains 70 calories compared with 110 calories in the eggs of cows.

Chewing gum
A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine states that chewing sugar free gum can increase the body's ability to burn calories. According to researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, chewing gum as much as 110 times per minute for 12 minutes every day can increase the metabolism of the body 205. Chewing gum can also satisfy your desire for ngemil without having to feel guilty afterwards.

Eat slowly
I still remember the doctor for advice as chewing food 32 times before swallow? In addition to maximizing the useful nutrients absorbed the body, have been eating slowly is also good for your diet program is being run. According to Kathleen Melanson, Ph.D., Director of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory institutions in the University of Rhode Island, partake of food without haste can reduce the amount of food into the body. Plus, eating slowly than thirsty and make you drink more rather than those who eat it.

Focus on food during
Many people use the Zen philosophy to balance rhythm of life. How do I apply Zen in berdiet? Just simple. Basically, realize and enjoy the activities you are doing. So, while eating, focus your attention on the plate and do not do any activities such as watching television and reading. Chewing food carefully, and place the spoon every time you finish square. Stomach began to feel so satisfied, you will realize it more quickly than usual.

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