Kate Winslet 10 Times Bugil Cured in Movies

Enamor Actress Kate Winslet has been doing the naked scenes in 10 films. Now the mother of two children that is intended to leave that 'kebiasaannya' bugil in front of the camera.

"I think will stop naked in film. I can not continue to do that with the road and I do not want the artist referred to as a shirt like that," he said as Future76 quotation from Femalefirst, Friday (20/2/2009).

Women 33 years that have distinctive reason why he often melakoni scene bugil. According to him, the scene is relevant and the story fit, so do not hesitate to show her body shape.

"In every scene I feel there is a certain limitation when beradegan naked in the film. I think that part is very relevant and into the story" his him.

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