Beyonce Bust Peek at Oscar 2009

Los Angeles Academy Awards Ajang to-81 that took place last February 22 was behind a number of stories. In which the alleged singing and lip sync action Watch Beyonce chest.

Beyonce took part in the parade songs Medley with Oscar host in 2009, Hugh Jackman. Sejoli Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron and the movie stars' Mamma Mia 'Dominic Cooper-Amanda Seyfried is also participating in the parade song Medley.

When singing along with Hugh Jackman that shirt a little Beyonce melorot. Result also appears to Watch chest while he was in Australia that embrace actors. While at the Academy Awards stage, the wife of singer Jay-Z put on the red dress that is very sexy.

But not only the action Watch Beyonce chest that is now so talks. Thus the center is hot news that Beyonce sing lip sync in the prestigious event. Such as detikhot quotation from MTV News, Tuesday (24/2/2009).

When confirmed, one of the organizers of the Oscar, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, does not disprove or justify. He also did not want to let any part of the event that directly or already recorded.

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