Easy Ways to Increase Visitors Blog Without Blogwalking

Many bloggers or newbie (terms for beginners bloggers) feel failed to find ways to increase visitor traffic to their sites. When they can create a blog emerged happy and proud feelings of the heart. Because they already have a site that will be in a private visit by many people. So that the most right site also hope that they can be useful for many people and for himself.

Each day they make changes to the display to be able to view the blog interesting, cool = cool, and comfortable in the eye. Most also utilize the right script HTML / Javascript from third parties to add tools and widgets to display blog better. Almost every day of their articles zealously publish articles from the original and copy and paste the results (copas).

Many have the right spirit is high in the blogging activities. However, after several months had deserted their blog visitors, eventually they begin to feel bored. Even, perhaps they also do not blog visitors there. So it's like when they start feeling tired because they create a site that is not useful. It seems that business is conducted futile.

I salute friends with the right diligent activities blogwalking. Through this way meraka leave the voting to get visits from fellow bloggers. Method bring visitors with the way I have blogwalking try. In fact almost every day I do. At the time I make a diligent blogwalking many visitors who come. However, if I again lazy and do not blogwalking then my site visitors are not coming.

According to my way of bringing visitors through blogwalking method is very tiring and less effective. Why do I say this? Because I have membuktikannya. In addition, the visitor counter metodae also prove that this is not effective. Because the widget Histat I plug in sidebarbagian down, the data provide information on full visitors.

Information that I obtained from the use of the widget is the data of visitors. This tool provides data on the number of visitors who come today, yesterday, a week, even a month ago. It also provides data from which visitors come. I deem important enough information from this widget is how long visitors come (in the report average). While I often do blogwalking activity, the average of visitors who come to my site less than 1 minute.

Based on these reports, I analyze that visitors who come here only to provide visits, and seek to leave the usual tracks. This means that they visit only to provide feedback without reading the articles that we make. It is not all right to do so. But most are like that.

Due to the activities of these two very boring and quite a lot of time. Finally, I tried to find the method or way that is more practical. Some time ago I had respect for differences with the webmaster and blogger featured in full here. This is the difference from my diligent to make the articles unique, special and original. Because I think that the blog is not a web dynamic web but that is static.

I think SEO techniques that most bloggers are good to make it useful and informative. With articles that make the site better then we will be found by visitors. Because each of which is considered unique by the google will memperolah also a good position in search engines.

Contrasting with the webmaster who is expert in the world of web programming, because they can create a dynamic web so sure that many visitors come because they are very useful and needed by many people.

So the best way for us as a blogger or right is to create content that many post. I do not remember the original bank, you should read tips on how to write a good blog. Because if not, the articles you write will not have a strategic position in the search engine. In addition, you also need to find good keywords to increase the number of visitors.

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